Palgrave Macmillan ICTs and Development

Juxtaposes the global discourse on ICT D with in depth case studies on pattern of access and use of telecentres to draw implications for possible development trajectories induced by provision of ICTs in rural hinterlands of India.


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Routledge Handbook of Mediterranean Politics

The Mediterranean space, defined by a major sea, a large number of littoral countries and to some extent their hinterlands, is at same time an interface between Europe, Africa Asia. This brings complex challenges in terms of achieving peac


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Routledge India Unheeded Hinterland

Thisbook presents a comprehensive account of the debates on sovereignty, self determination and nationalist upsurges in India's Northeast, especially Assam. At a deeper level, it analyses how multi ethnic societies engage with state. Ba


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Springer Regional Cities and City Regions in Rural Australia

The book examines the extent to which sustained population growth of Australia's heartland regional centres has come at expense of demographic decline in their own hinterlands, and, ultimately, of entire regions. It presents a longi


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Routledge The City's Hinterland

Despite the fact that rural commuter belts of cities are major loci of population change, economic growth and dynamic social within city regions, most research tends to ignore this area while focusing on built up core. However,


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