Elsevier Managing and Treating Common Foot Ankle Problems, An Issue of

This issue of Medical Clinics will focus on the common foot and ankle problems that internal medicine doctors often face in outpatient setting. The articles in this review best practices for managing treating patients who presen


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FRENCH EYES Doctor who tome 9 Venu de l'espace

Accompagnés de leur nouveau camarade de voyage, un dinosaure cybernétique, le Docteur, Amy et Rory se retrouvent dans un asile bien particulier, où les patients renferment l'esprit des ennemis plus terrifiants du Docteur. En prime, découvrez le magnifique épisode de Noël !


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Palgrave Macmillan Doctor Who: A British Alien?

This book argues that Doctor Who, the world's longest running science fiction series often considered to be about distant planets and monsters, is in reality just as much Britain Britishness. Danny Nicol explores how show, t


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Springer Sexual Abuse and the Primary Care Doctor

The importance of identifying a history of sexual abuse is now well recognized by doctors who know that the problem may lie behind a presentation of physical illness, relationship problems, unhappiness or and psychological difficult ies. I


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Peter Lang AG, Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften Out of Time

Doctor Who is one of television's most enduring and ubiquitously popular series. This study contends that the success of show lies in its ability, over more than half a century, to develop core concepts perspectives: alienatio


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Routledge The Inner World of Doctor Who

As Doctor Who approaches its fiftieth anniversary recent series have taken the show to new heights in terms of popular appeal and critical acclaim. The his TARDIS driven adventures, along with companions iconic monsters, are now reco


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Lexington Books Nietzschean Psychology and Psychotherapy

Friedrich Nietzsche declared himself to be "a psychologist who has not his peer." Nietzschean Psychology and Psychotherapy: The New Doctors of Soul illustrates why he was correct indicates that he also a soul doctor "who n


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Oxford University Press All About Fibromyalgia

This year, six million Americans most of them women will go to their doctors, complaining of an illness they have no name for. The majority be turned away or treated depression; few who persist go to an average of four


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University of Michigan Press Inside Outside

To doctors, cancer means cells growing out of control; to patients, a life spinning of control. Janet R. Gilsdorf, who writes with quiet but devastating honesty about her experience breast cancer, offers an eye opening glimps


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Skyhorse Publishing Flight for Life

Flight for Life is the heart stopping account of one of most gripping rescue missions in African history. Told by a doctor involved in saving lives of Nigerian workers who became victims of a tragic American chemical company explo


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